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When God Calls You

Most of the time, when we are at the most comfortable moment of our lives... God will suddenly instruct us to stand up from that lazy b...

Thankful and Grateful

It's one year and one week already of me staying in the PI for real!

I am overwhelmed with what has transpired within 372 days...
God is great! He was, He is and always will be!

I knew from day 1 that going home to my family is a good decision and serving Him is the best!
I never imagined what living by faith really means... until I took that first step.

If you are a family, a relative, a brethren, a close friend or someone who has attended a service when I testified, then I am sure you know When God Calls (me) You ...

On the first six month of the new chapter of my life, I was doing a full time in the ministry, which I thought I will be doing for the rest of my life when I said Yes Lord, use me...

I was prepared to have the simplest life I have always dreamed of... staying in the church and doing all works. That's how I visualised the service that He wanted me to do, and I have prepared myself to clean the hallway, do the church paperworks, house to house bible studies and to be of service to the people who comes in the church everyday...

But His ways are different. His plans are greater that we could ever imagine...

While I am jobless and living on the little savings that I have and through support of the family, last year, I was able to visit to 3 new countries with my friends, had one of the best family vacation in Palawan a short break in Batangas and I was able to visit my UAE family even for a  week... all that, while I was jobless and 'Out of Comfort Zone.' Isn't He amazing?

Vietnam with Berks - February 2016
Cambodia with Berks - February 2016 

Thailand with Berks - February 2016

El Nido with Kembers | April 2016

Pico de Loro with Berks - June 2016

Dubai with TG | July 2016
Yes, I am blessed with wonderful friends and family whom God uses to be His channel of blessing, and He blessed me even more with people in the church that helps me in doing the tasks in the ministries that He has entrusted to me.

Teachers of FHLCC Children's Ministry  
FHLCC Pastors and Brethren 

I experienced The Joy of Feeling Teacher when I handled the youngest members of the church...

Children 3 - the Toddlers
Even more grateful to be able to do an outreach program to these kids... and looking forward to have a regular schedule again... 

At the time that I was adjusted and enjoying and loving the Children Ministry, (which took me some time to accept)... God moved me, again... out of my comfort zone and brought me a more challenging ministry, which is the Youth Ministry...

Ahhhm.. God knows everything about us, the desires of our hearts as well as the fears within. I never imagined me (again, never...) handling the youth ministry. But then, I was only me, and God knows better. The plans He has set for us, It's Irrevocable.

Here I am, enjoying the company of the future leaders of the church... and the nation.

FHLCC Youth Ministry
You see, serving God is never boring! In fact, it is the most exciting thing to do!
Besides, that's what we should all do and we should all look forward to do for eternity. If we don't enjoy the company of people worshipping God here on earth, then how can we stay in heaven forever?

Now, the travels, the people and the ministries are just the beginning of God's magnificent work in me - living by faith...

I never thought that there will be more and even greater rewards thats awaits me...

I always dreamt of having my own small production studio... from the time that I know I want to work in media or production company, that dream is kept in my heart.

At the time I said yes to Jesus in 2014, I surrender everything... even my own personal desires, all that I have, all that I am, all that I will be, I gave it in His hands.

It's not that I underestimate His capacity of giving me my greatest dream, but I let go of that from the day I fell in love with Jesus again... because I just want to serve Him and Him alone.

But my love for Him is nothing compared to His love for me. 

His blessings overflow as we continue to obey His words.
He grants the deepest desires of our hearts, even if we do not ask for it.

He gave me Berks Studio and blessed the production team that have started few years back in UAE ...
Berks Production
How can I say No to a God who never fail to show His love for me and embrace me everyday through the love of my family?

Mt. Pinatubo with Family - October 2016
Noche Buena 2016
Christmas Eve  2016

My God is alive.  He is magnificent, He is wonderful! He is awesome, He is great, He is faithful!
He encourage me to go on with my dreams and never hinder me from doing the things that I love... without letting me go...
Everyday, He calls me... every morning I am excited to be in His presence... despite the busyness, I look forward to our quiet time. I thirst every time I missed the moment, I hunger at times I didn't open the Bible... even though there are times that I almost forget, the Holy Spirit is there to constantly remind me that Someone is waiting for me...
He hears my cry and ease my pain.
He answers my prayers... It may not always be a yes to my petition, because sometimes, God Answers No, but definitely, it is the best for my condition.

He loves me, Jesus loves me, just the way I am.
I do not need to be somebody to be worthy in serving Him.
He called me by my name. He wants me to serve Him, just the way I am.

#WhenGodCallsYou #ForeverGrateful

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