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One Reason: One Purpose

Today marks another first in my many new experiences in life. I'm having my first #MeTime, a breakfast at McDonald's!!! WoootWooot! It might be a normal thing to many but not to me... I do it with friends.

Also, today is my 8th month in PI. And if you think that 8 months is long enough to adjust, it is nothing compared to 8 years away from home.

Slowly, I am learning to adapt to the lifestyle again, here, we live in a very simple yet contented life. Who cares about iHop when you have a hot pandesal... What's the difference between Starbucks and Great Taste 3 in 1 again? Coffee is coffee, and its best when shared with dozen of laughter or even with a tear or two...

Life is about choices that we take. A decision that we make. I've tried the sausage McMuffin in Europe, in Middle East, in South East Asia, and its pretty much the same. It satisfies my taste bud and fill in my hungry stomach. It serves it's purpose.

It doesn't matter where we are, what really matters is why we're here... Grow where you've planted. God didn't bring us to where we are for nothing. He has His reasons, we have a purpose and these two should be aligned.

When we look for the purpose of why we are here, in a certain situation, we have to search and ask God for His reasons. If our desire meet God's condition, then in His right time, He will reveal His reasons.

One thing is certain, He is in control. Whether we sleep in the softest bed or lay down on the floor, our body rests. Whether we bathe in a tub or in a river, both can clean ourselves.

Salvation is not only for those who can read and write, neither for professionals nor on people living in poverty. God loves the world unconditionally. Jesus came for the sick to be healed, for the sinners to repent and that means everyone. For no one is righteous, no one meets the God's standard, and only through believing and accepting Jesus Christ can we receive salvation.

Whether you are having a sausage McMuffin in Paris or in Dubai, it is the same sandwich. It has one purpose. Same with us, wherever we are, we have one purpose...

God has made us what we are. 
In Christ Jesus, God made us new people
so that we would spend our lives doing the good things
he had already planned for us to do.

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