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When God Calls You

Most of the time, when we are at the most comfortable moment of our lives... God will suddenly instruct us to stand up from that lazy b...

Painful Pruning

Pruning is an essential gardening skill.
When you prune correctly, you encourage healthy growth and flowering (in the case of flowering plants), as well as good looks.

This also applies in our lives as Christians, we have read it several times on many commentaries and devotions; heard it on many sermons and preaching series.. its something that every true believers experienced. 

The Vine and The Branches (John 15:1-2)
“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

Pruning is painful.
When God Calls Me, I have experienced many of these cuttings already, from the tiny stems, little twigs and branches. It is difficult... but possible by His grace. 

Just recently, God told me that I needed to be pruned again, but this time, it's not just an ordinary branch but a big one, connected to the trunk -- that was a very big part of me.

It crushed my heart and my whole being; I wanted to appeal...
God, isn't there any other way? Isn't what I have already surrendered enough? Can You just ask me other things, add more tasks on my duties in the church, send me wherever... will You?

Being a disciple, in following Jesus, He should be our first priority.
Even if it's painful, difficult and misunderstood...

With broken heart and in pain, I obey.

It was the most painful surrender that I have experienced so far... but I submit; I know that though I am in pain now, it will be over soon...

While in tears, He reminded me:

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth, comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.  - Romans 8:18

Today, I'm taking one step at a time, I am still hurting, but God is always there to remind me that He is here with me and will always be with me.

I just look forward to what comes next... will there be any flower to bloom on spring? Though there is a big cut on the trunk, will a branch grow again? Can it still bear fruits?

To follow Jesus is a decision that demands the utmost seriousness and commitment. It will take everything that we have, and even more... the will of God will be our first priority.

He is the number one - by far! No person even comes close.

2 Years had passed...

Around these dates, 2 years ago, when I heard a small voice, telling me to read Hebrews 7-12...
that was the turning point.

many have asked me, if i miss my old life in the UAE..  if i miss working in the corporate world... if i miss my old lifestyle...

i miss the people, my friends and family in the UAE... i miss my colleagues and my salary (of course)... my old lifestyle...  it didn't change that much :) 


not at all. 

the past 18 months was never easy, but God made sure that my daily life is meaningful. to live in complete surrender and full dependency on Him is something that i am still practicing until now. 

it means totally denying yourself, submitting to His will and authority, allowing Him to take control...

and most of the time, its painful... when we asked something and received another.... it hurts even more when we received a No for an answer... 

but in the end, He gives you something greater... uhm, He will give you the best... 
all you have to do is just wait and let Him do His job.... being our God.

i've been to the edge several times, almost fall on the cliff... holding on to a single string... then He pulls me up.

when days are good, i praise Him. 
when its the opposite, i worship Him.

it is one of the best thing that i've developed in the past 2 years... a life that praise and worship His name, in all conditions and situations of my life. 

despite all the adversities, I know He is there, continuously transforming me according to the plans He has for me.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; -- Hebrews 10:23 NASB

Thankful and Grateful

It's one year and one week already of me staying in the PI for real!

I am overwhelmed with what has transpired within 372 days...
God is great! He was, He is and always will be!

I knew from day 1 that going home to my family is a good decision and serving Him is the best!
I never imagined what living by faith really means... until I took that first step.

If you are a family, a relative, a brethren, a close friend or someone who has attended a service when I testified, then I am sure you know When God Calls (me) You ...

On the first six month of the new chapter of my life, I was doing a full time in the ministry, which I thought I will be doing for the rest of my life when I said Yes Lord, use me...

I was prepared to have the simplest life I have always dreamed of... staying in the church and doing all works. That's how I visualised the service that He wanted me to do, and I have prepared myself to clean the hallway, do the church paperworks, house to house bible studies and to be of service to the people who comes in the church everyday...

But His ways are different. His plans are greater that we could ever imagine...

While I am jobless and living on the little savings that I have and through support of the family, last year, I was able to visit to 3 new countries with my friends, had one of the best family vacation in Palawan a short break in Batangas and I was able to visit my UAE family even for a  week... all that, while I was jobless and 'Out of Comfort Zone.' Isn't He amazing?

Vietnam with Berks - February 2016
Cambodia with Berks - February 2016 

One Reason: One Purpose

Today marks another first in my many new experiences in life. I'm having my first #MeTime, a breakfast at McDonald's!!! WoootWooot! It might be a normal thing to many but not to me... I do it with friends.

Also, today is my 8th month in PI. And if you think that 8 months is long enough to adjust, it is nothing compared to 8 years away from home.

Slowly, I am learning to adapt to the lifestyle again, here, we live in a very simple yet contented life. Who cares about iHop when you have a hot pandesal... What's the difference between Starbucks and Great Taste 3 in 1 again? Coffee is coffee, and its best when shared with dozen of laughter or even with a tear or two...