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When God Calls You

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He has showed you, O man, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you? 
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God. 
Micah 6:8

This is one of the most memorable statement in the OT defining a proper relationship to God.

During their time, He has showed the people of Israel what is good, redeemed them from the land of slavery; sent prophets to guide them, provide food in the desert... yet, they refuse to obey God.

That was thousand years ago, but we can still see the same picture today...

He has shown us what is good, we all know what is good... yet, we refuse to obey God.

He doesn't require a hundreds and thousands worth of donations to charity nor a repeated prayers for us to come close to Him...

To Act Justly is to act according to God's standards of right and wrong. I know it seems very difficult in our eyes, because deep inside our (hardened) hearts,  we are opposing to make things right.

But nothing is impossible with God (Matt. 19:26). If we only submit and surrender everything to the Lord, He will give us freedom and will release us from the bondage of our sins.

He will strengthen us and help us to overcome our weaknesses; may it be a wrong relationship, vices and addictions, hatred and anger for people who hurt us or a past that was chasing us...

I was a smoker; chain smoker if I may say, but God helped me to overcome my addiction in less than a week. Now I have a healthier life and a 'smoke-free' beautiful day...

Also, I was in a homosexual relationship for a long time, but God has changed and released me from this bondage. I was on my chapter 32 when I welcomed Jesus in my life again... Then I started to have The Life that is Truly Life!

Impossible to us, but with God... nothing is too difficult.

To Love Mercy doesn't mean for ourselves but to others, to our neighbors. Yes, it's becoming more difficult and complicated! I can sense a more unreceptive hearts, a big question mark of HOW? (not why because I believe you know why...)

Loving the unlovable (Luke 6:27-36) is one of my favorite lesson during our Bible Study. I know it is sooo difficult. I love other people; my family, my friends and those people that surrounds me... but how can I love those that have caused me pain? How can I love people that once hurt my family and friends?

When I have issues in forgiving them, how can God expect me to love these people? I agree with you in saying that it is impossible!!!

But again, to us, yes it is impossible. Or shall I say we can never do that... but God.

Only Jesus Christ can touch our hearts and heal us from all the pain, anger, bitterness and covetousness. How Do I Unwrite The Past? It's not me, never me.. but Only Jesus.

Walk Humbly With Your God is the key to do good. We can act just and love mercy if and only if we walk humbly with God.

It is a complete surrender to His will, recognizing that He is in control!

He is the One who taught us what is just.
It is Him who extended mercy to us.

If we surrender fully to our Lord God, offer our life as a Living Sacrifice and let God lead us, our hardened heart would be replaced by a humble heart that do what is right...

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  1. I am sooooooooooo humbled right now. I am going through a situation right now that is unpleasant at times and before I said or did some things that would have made it worse, I asked Ahayah(God) to please remind me why I need to be submit and just be obedient, and this scripture from Micah popped into my head. Even earlier, as I was striving to remember this scripture, I knew I would need it. Thank you Lord for reminding me why I trust you over my emotions, thoughts, and wants!!!!!